El Capitan (Echinopsis) Thomas Stöfer TS50

El Capitan (Echinopsis) Thomas Stöfer TS50
The hybrid EL CAPITAN is a hybrid made by the German breeder Thomas Stöfer.
Breeder: Thomas Stöfer
Breeder´s Code: TS50
Parents: Probably “Beautiful Dreamer x Afterglow”
Description: Known to flower abundantly. Good hybrid that´s often… #AndreasWessner, #Echinopsis, #ElCapitan, #ThomasStöfer, #TS50 http://echinopsis.org/el-capitan-echinopsis/


High Noon Echinopsis Bob Schick Huntington

High Noon Echinopsis Bob Schick Huntington
HIGH NOON is a Echinopsis hybrid made by Bob Schick.
Breeder: B. Schick
Parents: Parents not known
Breeder´s Code: ISI 2000-11; HBG 85233, Schick 1356-17.
Flowers: 14 cm, orange to yellow.

High Noon Echinopsis Photo: Michelle Killen
#BobSchick, #Echinopsis, #HighNoon, #Huntington, #ISI200011 http://echinopsis.org/high-noon-echinopsis-bob-schick-huntington/

First Light (Trichocereus / Helianthocereus) Dimitt

First Light (Trichocereus / Helianthocereus) Dimitt
FIRST LIGHT is Trichocereus hybrid made by Mark Dimmitt.

Breeder: M. Dimmitt

Parents: Diehi’sche Hybride X Newland’s Orange

Breeder´s Code: HBG-ISI 93-5

Description: FIRST LIGHT is a classic created by M. Dimmitt. It is a… #Dimmitt, #FirstLight, #Helianthocereus, #Trichocereus http://echinopsis.org/first-light-trichocereus-helianthocereus-dimitt/